’10 Questions Atheists Can’t Answer’ Answered

’10 Questions Atheists Can’t Answer’ Answered
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”bTA_mQJ55UE” title=”’10 Questions Atheists Can’t Answer’ Answered” upload_time=”2016-05-25T21:00:01.000Z” description=”This is a video response in which I answer ten questions which atheists supposedly can’t answer.” duration=”PT4M55S”]
This is a video response in which I answer ten questions which atheists supposedly can’t answer.


  • Aw3s0me Gam3r says:

    I’m a Christian, however I don’t care who or what you believe in. That’s your decision and nothing I say will even relatively change that. If you wanna believe a giant dog named Spot created the universe, that’s ok. However, you did one thing in this video that did cross the line; don’t you ever claim the force was made up again!

  • iiErrorCode 03 says:

    Shaym would be destroyed by every educated Christian scholar, just sayin’

  • The Amazing Iris Returns says:

    The background was a bit too distracting to be honest

  • Archie Exp says:

    video is good but fuuuu** its getting me dizzy man, find a different background affect please?

  • Anonymous person says:

    My religion is atheism, my god is science

  • prisoner 627 says:

    Stewy Griffan created the big bang that created the universe

  • V9 ѻғғıсıѧʅ says:

    2 Words, Fuck you

  • Void Mind says:

    I feel more inclined to believe people who claim to have had encounters with aliens, considering the odds of earth being the only life harboring planet are so small that is virtually inconceivable that there isn’t at least one alien species intelligent enough to have created space flight that would make missions take less than their lifetimes. But sure, go ahead and believe in a contradictory sky daddy with morals that are broken at best who decided to make earth and the universe older than it is and created physics that he breaks regularly, while also failing to intervene at any point in recent history in a way that would undeniably prove his existence.

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