7 Times Atheists Went Next Level Beast Mode

7 Times Atheists Went Next Level Beast Mode
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Our favorite atheists and free thinkers share their thoughts on faith, religion, belief and more in these seven enlightening moments.


  • Mark Bolton says:

    Stiiiiiillll waiting on these whiny atheists to provide ANY PHYSICAL PROOF of the statements and claims they make… HAHAHA!!! Atheistic = simple-minded & naive. Avoiding the point.
    You are an actor, Ricky; nobody cares that you believe you turn into dirt when you die and that’s it.

  • Mark Bolton says:

    Also, if God created THE UNIVERSE. Why would he owe any individual person anything in particular? People say “oh, I haven’t seen God” or “God has not showed himself to the Earth” – but does he need to? Who are we to make demands of the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE..? Atheists are simple-minded and, quite frankly, are just missing the point.

  • Shane Allison says:

    Atheism is arguably the worst religion of all because of the hatred it generates.

  • Avishek Trital says:

    The existence of GOD is a mystery to me too but believing that GOD exists, gives a person a basis to live in this world.

  • Word Made Flesh says:

    Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. Romans 1:22 KJV

  • Vahyala Kwaga says:

    This is brilliant.

  • Connor Kormos says:

    @10:45 when that guy goes “HOWWWEVER!” I jumped in my seat a little like OOHHH SHIT’S GOING DOWN!!!

  • Logan Brooke says:

    I’m dyslexic, I’m also starting college. I can read and write

  • Rhiethreal says:

    To play Devil’s Advocate for a minute:

    Ever play a game of the sims or something similar? In the beginning you create the world, then you let them go. You unleash some smiting on them because you got bored or because they built a chicken place when you commanded them to build a Taco Barn. You eventually get bored, stop playing, decide to go have a real taco, and leave them on their own, meaning their prayers go unheard.

    Then one rainy day, when you are trapped inside, you fire the game up for nostalgia sake, and one word balloon catches your eye. That’s the prayer that gets answered.

    That’s why people pray, even when they know that most of them go unheard. It makes them feel better to hope they might be that one lucky one on a rainy day.

    Ergo, there is some degree of logic to praying even when you know the chances of it being heard are astronomically low. It’s really no different than spending a dollar on a lottery ticket.

  • mr. stoopid says:

    I’m getting sick of atheists with their “religion is the past science is the future” bullshit…where will your morality come from then you so called intelligent people

  • Thatboi lp says:

    the best thing about communist nations is that they most often have atheism as a state (lack off) “religion”

  • rovic roy says:

    no god no religion only human only love and love only care can lead you to e the best….beleving in god which never exist can lead you to live worst life and makes you fall every time bcoz u scared of things which is non existance than how will face the situation which is exsisting simple…live and let live without harming anyone can give you the best happyness in your life …just belive yorself and do good to humanity not by funding chruch mazid or temple fund human

  • Richard Weetman says:

    #4 is fantastic.

  • Jelte Goemans /HannahBB13asvvga3/ says:

    fuck this title makes me cringe

  • Walther Panzer says:

    Explaining for religion is like patching a boat of lie to keep it afloat in a storm.

  • Committee MeMeD says:

    What is Cockeneny medicine, Is it Brown Ale?

  • A N A L L E A K A G E says:

    God is not real, there’s nothing, nobody knows what happens when you die, but there is absolutely no god. And no, Nobody knows where the earth and the universe came from either.

  • Michael Anderson says:

    bro u have offended god and thats not ok im sick of ur shit and i’m gonna sue ur ass motherfuker

  • Vault Boi says:

    Praying is just as good as me trying to talk to my cat

  • Dawson Walker says:

    People say it’s idiotic to believe that something came from nothing. My response? Where did God come from?

  • JC E says:

    Anti religion isn’t a bad thing considering when history shows just how badly those who run it can be just as corrupt as the next.
    take the Christian belief that a church is a building they gather in to worship a man who told them not to.
    What’s written is you are the temple you are the churches, if all is living in the spirit and you are the temple a church is faith hope chairety mercy compation knowledge and the wisdom to know what is real life.
    Then there is the eighth church, belief.
    What do you that is of the teachings of Jesus.
    Hate your neighbor hate yourself
    Hate me
    that’s religion not the message.
    Humans even this is a fake religion the word human suggests we are naturally evolved, neither science or religion can prove or disprove why, according to findings that we went from monkies to man in less than a hundred million years when they stopped being natural at a point they say six thousand years or seven civilisation just happened.
    What changed everything who changed everything.
    this is the question.
    Somewhere in the past what was was wiped out by a flood but science can’t admit it happened. scewing any attempt at actual historic fact.
    all talk no answers.
    face it both sides of this argument are right and wrong.
    Perspective, in an evil world what is an evil man, no one has ever answered this can you.
    Look at everyone in the world around you
    What seems to be the absolute focus, isn’t it just how ignorant we all are.
    Science won’t see the answer to us religion says we fell from Grace, that Eve corrupted Adam with knowledge and that’s what all there was to it.
    Religion Bad Father
    Science No Father.
    They say history is written by the Victor,
    Who will be around to write our story,
    Who would want to seeing that we can’t agree on anything it would be hard to justify even rembering this monkey race of humans.
    Be all that you can be! Just don’t step over your place. Monkey.
    Religion: God created us in his image( man) and then goes around calling themselves human, naturally evolved, what happened to the creater,and creation.
    darwinism states we are natural religion says otherwise. who’s right. Man Monkey or just earthling.
    either way who turned us against each other
    Us or someone else.
    If we were natural wouldn’t we have fought this war millions of years ago.
    Natural Harmony and such.

  • Dani A says:

    Me against christians arguments
    Them: “faith”
    Me: *”LOGIC”* !!!!

  • AlmostEmily says:

    The Atheist Experience guys were NOT having it ?? im living for it

  • GostyGaming says:

    People that claim the bible as proof of god annoys me because it was written by people, people can say anything they want. Got no problem with people being religious but people that bullshit “proof” pisses me off

  • Pure Energy says:

    I have had a very painful life. it would be nice to know that when I die, that is the end of me. No more coming back. No judgements. This is what atheism is all about.
    You want to be able to do what you want without worrying about hurting anyone. This is what nazis want for the world. they are pushing their beliefs on people so that they can kill these people. Doesn’t any of you know that this whole world is being taken over by atheists?
    If you call yourself an atheist, then you cannot complain when much bigger atheists come to kill you, to put you in a concentration camp. You can’t complain each time these atheists create a false flag to cause the military to go to war in a country that has done nothing to you.
    Atheists are what wars are about. Atheism says we are not energy and light. Atheism says it is okay to torture people. Atheists are the ones that bombed that 9/11 Pentagon. They tried to hide the records of the 9.1 trillion dollars they stole from the American people. Atheists have used direct energy weapons to take down those 9/11 towers. They used direct energy weapons to devastate Northern California October of this year.
    If you are an atheist, you must agree with this devastation because they say it is good for the people. when these atheists come to kill you because you are one of the 95% they want gone, you must agree, because you , too, are an atheist.

  • Troy Tyler says:

    The Santa and fairies comparison is the stupidest thing i ever heard . One ,there actually was a santa , but not in the commercial sense . Atheist will go into debt to celebrate their fake holiday. Never a argument on the logic to feed there selfish desires of self importance by buying things for others and fake they don’t want gratitude. Free stinkers filled with ignorant attitudes have very little fact and use just as much presumption in there stardust are us fairytale . The whole concept of everything can be explained by logic , must be known by the same free stinkers as False . The fact they most times love science fiction and horror movies is wishful thinking or Fantasy to put away logic and enjoy ?

  • Debbie R says:

    I listen to people disagree about God. Back and forth about issues only God can answer for you. God is the only reason I open these videos on youtube. He showed me this need to help average people who are searching but just cannot find the right direction . Most are lost. Wandering around from sin to sin trying to relieve their consciences of the guilt that their sin has burrowed into their hearts from years of running from the truth.The truth that we are all sinners. The truth that God is real. And the sobering fact that we were all given the death sentence for straying so far from God . If you don’t turn to God you must then turn to something else. It’s the way God designed us. We were not designed to be idol, self satisfying, hard hearted beings. This is why sexual immorality is so prevalent today. People use it to fill the void in their souls. It relieves the need to realize that we are all accountable for every word and step we make while here on earth. It does not matter who you are or what you have done. This free gift of salvation is given to everyone alike. God has no favorites. Jesus was the Son of God and he did, whether you believe it or not give his life for his friends {us} Jesus paid the highest price a person can pay. His life. For us. Most will never know or accept this. The bible says, Straight is the gate and narrow is the way and FEW there be that find it. Come out of the darkness into the light.
    The reason why people disagree so vastly is that some have had the experience and some have not. The moment when you can say , “Oh , now I get it!” is the moment you got it right. If you are truly sorry for the unrighteous life you have lived and accept that Jesus paid the price for those sins ,God will then reveal himself to you. And not a moment before.
    If you have not experienced this then you are not truly sorry and you must further repent with your heart . God will never reveal himself to you any other way and unless you do this you will never know what we are all talking about. Keep asking and God will reveal himself. It’s just this simple. Just like the cold. You can’t see it but you well know when it’s cold outside. You surely without a doubt feel it and if someone tells you that you don’t know what you are experiencing you are rest assured that you do. Why? Because you have had the experience. God is the same way because he is spirit not flesh as the bible says.
    It’s like looking at the picture of a steak or actually experiencing eating the steak. Two totally different experiences about the same thing. Looking at the picture when you are hungry will never take away your hunger. But once you taste the steak you know that no matter how many people tell you the picture is all there is, you know inside it’s not true because you have already experienced it. And you try to tell the people still staring at the picture that there’s way more than just the picture. And they just will not listen. Then they get angry with you . Explain to you that you do not know what you are saying. Then the cruelty starts. The hate begins.The endless debates and that’s where God and true believers must take a step back and go on to the next.
    Atheism is just a picture. A smoke screen keeping many from finding the truth and those who defend it will be saddened when they one day stand before the Lord. Whether you believe this or not. It’s the truth’. If you are searching. Stop looking at the picture. What does Atheism offer you? What is every nonbeliever defending? YEAH Death? God is offering eternal life in a place so beautiful that nothing on earth can compare. For eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love him.
    Watch these few of many testimony’s on youtube
    Psychopathic Atheist turns to Jesus/short Testimony of David Wood
    Why is Jesus visiting these faithful Muslim Islam believers
    The Atheist Delusion and Evolution vs God

  • Booqueefias Bunyans says:

    “If god didn’t exist then there wouldn’t be a reason to be an atheist”

    If Aliens didn’t exist then there wouldn’t be a reason to be a non believer
    If mermaids didn’t exist there wouldn’t be a reason to be a non believer

  • Oppothumbs M says:

    Atheists are way way underrepresented in prison populations ? Only .002% of the prison population in the US. I am not saying they commit less crimes only that Atheists are smartest and commit over 90 percent of the crimes but they fix it so the dumb religious nuts like you serve time . Studies show Agnostics morality is as high as believers. Believe me the results of these studies are suppressed by “our Christian nation” but you can find them. Atheists do good and bad as most everyone else but live lives without heaven as the carrot on the stick.

    I think decent biology and not being dropped on your head as an infant and good upbringing far outweighs a thousand visits to holy places and millions of prayers.

    I just don’t get it: When a hundred people are killed in a plane crash and 1 survives the 1 and their friends and families say “thank god .. he was looking after me (or my loved one)”. What a Slap in the face this is to the other 99 and their families who were killed. Oh, I guess it was just their time to die in a cruel way. What if the one survivor of the crash turned out to be Kim Jong-um? Oh I guess god works in mysterious ways.

    93% of the esteemed members of the Academy of Sciences signed a statement saying they didn’t believe in god. WHat do god have against smarter people?

    As for the power of prayer – doesn’t anyone know about the Placebo effect? Prayer for others never works according to a Religious Hospital study.
    Yes religion gives comfort but at what cost? For the past 600 years so many advances in science or logic are attempted to be subdued by the religion.

    Atheists/Agnostics make about 15% of the US population – 1% women, 14% men in the US. Guys are just a little more logical I guess.

    With heaven and Jesus or whoever religious people think they will be meeting after death it is amazing that religious people aren’t a hell of a lot more moral than Atheists. Somehow Atheist do good without salivating over heaven.

    Five of US presidents were Agnostics. You should read what John Adams wrote about the Good Book – he wrote that it was Trash filled with bad morality and a terrible god.

    And the holy books are filled with over 1,000 contradictions and a very vindictive god. Christians have toned down god as a killing machine of the old testament and in the new testament they stress heaven (but only for those who believe in god). The lion and the lamb will lie down together but the lamb will not get much sleep. I guess the lion is god and man is definitely sheep to follow the craziness of religion.

    Of course some radical Muslims are involved with more repressive and evil behavior at this time than Christians and Jews.

    Jesus knew less about the way the scientific world works just one thing I want to point out ..Jesus didn’t even know how how bacteria is spread .. well he knew less than what most 9 year old C and D students in school know.

    Frankly if you read the Old testament there is a better case made for a malevolent god then a benevolent one.

  • Paul George says:

    Beast mode? Satanic mode is more apt!
    There’s not much difference between satanist and atheist.
    They both abhor God in their lives, or deny his existence.
    Both do ritual kills. Look what happened in a small town in Texas yesterday, at a Church with families that lost children, to a shooter that killed 20 altogether.
    Was the guy a sick and deranged atheist making a point, or a sick and deranged satanist?

  • Sara Dimitrijevic says:

    “Thanks for your circular bullshit.”

  • Ronald Knight says:

    I real dont know what i belive in. The more i live the more confused i get. I have some questions, like how do you explain demon possession, and why everthing on earth has a desigine. I just want to know some elese take on it. I know both questions are random.

  • Larry Dallas says:

    how could bible stories sound if they were true? sleeping in fish, people to salt, revelations.etc..couldnt the devil pick up a copy of the bible and change his plan..religious people are dumb..point blank..rabble

  • bode says:

    ?how many american catholic idiot brain washed lived in usa

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