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Locked And Loaded – Our AK-47 Tee Is A Sure Fire

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AK-47 Shirt:


Hey there numb skulls, it’s Angus and I’m back with my new Gun shirt. This shirt here got’s Merica written all over it, guns, guns, and more guns. Now if you ain’t a fan of fire arms I suggest you move along and go check out our PUTA t-shirt since that’s what you act’n like cry’n about guns. I’m tired a these folks round here messaging me nasty emails about our offensive t-shirts collection. Looks like I’m finally get’n a rise outta the dummies I been trying to piss off for a while. Since we launched this shirt locally we have sold over 5 of them at the swap meet and then another 8 of them were sold at the gun show. That’s 13 sales of this shirt as of this writing and that means I have profited exactly $26 dollars. Guess what? That $26 is gonna buy me some ammo for my gun collection so I can go shoot some shit up. Nuth’n like hit’n the hills with 30 pack a Natty Ice and fully automatic assault rifle. I love mix’n guns and alcohol, it makes everything more funner.

One time I was out wit my Kin and we was a shoot’n the shit outta stuff when we got into an argument. Now, normally I wouldn’t share a story like this but since I made the t-shirt I gotta share it with ya’ll. Ya see, we was bantering about who could shoot the best drunk. Now, if you know me then you know I can handle my booze consumption, my kinfolk however wasn’t born with the same motor skills as me and he wasn’t able to hang. Because I was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, I am almost immune to drink’n and my body is just used to it.

ak-47 tee shirtSo anyway, we got arguing and had ourselves a shoot’n match and I ended up win’n. The problem was that my kin didn’t take to loose’n much and decided it was a good idea to shoot up our car. That Angst son’bitch blew out our windows, tires, and doors and left us stranded in the hills. Well, lucky me I had about 10 beers left and we were only about a mile from the trailer. That walk back felt like it took a lifetime, I think I killed the rest a them beers plus a couple a squirrels on the way back home. Ever shoot a squirrel with an AK-47? Not much meat left on that sucker for cook’n.

Well, this post is gonna be short cause I gotta run, just wanted to get another shirt on here for ya’ll Angst Addicts out there die’n for more shirt inventory.

Cheers Folks!

~ Angus ~