Christopher Hitchens – The Moral Necessity Of Atheism [2004]

Christopher Hitchens – The Moral Necessity Of Atheism [2004]
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”By_S3BMevzM” title=”Christopher Hitchens – The Moral Necessity Of Atheism [2004]” upload_time=”2012-08-06T12:43:15.000Z” description=”Christopher Hitchens at Sewanee University, February 23, 2004.” duration=”PT1H16M33S”]
Christopher Hitchens at Sewanee University, February 23, 2004.


  • Heywood Yabloome says:

    I’ll go straight for the bar 🙂

  • saint strawman says:

    The moral necessity of atheism is that the rest of us look to atheists as an example of how not to be.

  • Sir Reginald says:

    Praise the Lord. And greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

    I know the people on this site don’t believe in God, but the gospel is for everybody. Jesus died for everybody just the same.

    The plan of salvation can be all summed up in Acts 2;38,
    “Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit”.

    Ephesians 4;4 & 5 says, “There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism”, and in verse 13, it says, “till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God…”

    There are many different denominations and beliefs within Christianity. But it is the will of God that we all be gathered together in the same body in Christ and in the same faith. God has been doing this through repentance, baptism in the name of Jesus, and the gift of the Holy Spirit since the day of Pentecost all through history to this day.

    If we, through faith in Jesus Christ, turn to God in repentance from sin and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, then God will forgive us and wash away our sins, and we will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, as He had promised. And He will be our God, and we will be His people.

    Here’s a message on God’s plan of salvation:

  • J says:

    This man is sorely needed still.

  • YouTubeExplorer says:

    I love people who love Hitch.

  • Maria Callous says:

    To the commenters:  He may be casting out devils you know.  You take him at face value.

  • Andre Voyt says:

    Do not praise him to no avail . Follow his arguments and fight all religious superstitions.k We have to continue his fight against stupidity.

  • The Berean says:

    He talks about majesty, awe and i have a feeling these words are reserved for Jesus and Father God. If this is all atheism has, the Hubble satellite pictures, Hawkins cleverness and The Origin of the Species God help us !

  • Maria Callous says:

    What young people do when Atheism takes over they look for new gods.  Television heroes and books or novels take the place of religion.  they begin to live out some absurd drama.  A mindful adult group should know that.  Mr. Hitchens is going in a path merely to sell books or to oppose real atrocities fully understood by him and not understood by a teenager.

  • Maria Callous says:

    I agree there is utter and absolute degradation of man in servility.  People become vile creatures.  They become debased.  What is odd about it is they thing it is good and here it is perverse in that.  Thanks.

  • Paul J says:

    I like to imagine that there is a “heaven” for Christopher,
     it makes more sense than the other old bollocks.

  • chaosdecides says:

    Sorry Hitch but running away from the questions about race is just intellectual and moral cowardice.

  • Adam Wood says:

    Was this in Nashville?

  • MeanJoe Green says:

    Hitch IS!

  • Idiot atheist says:

    The only good thing the excrement did was die.

  • jesse bongo says:

    ” A constitution and a bill of rights” ? —- Who the fuck was swallowing that shit ?

  • Kay Allen says:

    If an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent god exists, then evil does not.
    There is evil in the world.
    Therefore, an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent God does not exist.

  • Hatihati Hatihati says:

    “you are from nothing (nothing created you) and finally you’ll become nothing ” meaning you are now here just nothing” …
    how useless hopeless n meaningless life is for those claiming to be reasoning atheists.
    why? well, they are just nothing nothing n nothing

  • scott simmons says:

    Hitchens was very polite and humble but very wrong. There is a God and there is proof. The life, death, and RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ is an unprecedented historical FACT. The New Testament is both the inspired Word of God and complied historical documents attesting to the fact that Jesus is the Christ, God’s Self Revelation to humanity. Not Allah, Not Buddha….

  • Darren Russell says:

    in my ears the best speaker to have ever spoke in my life so far hands down!

  • Bruce Blake says:

    Jesus, is this the best quality of video that americans can produce ???

  • Jo-Erlend Schinstad says:

    At 57:00, Hitch is asked whether you have to be an atheist in order to be an antitheist and he replies that no, you don’t. I disagree. A non-atheist antitheist, would be what is known as a misotheist. There were vikings who did believe in the gods, that were nonetheless opposed to them. (That’s bravery). But there were also vikings who didn’t believe in the gods and didn’t want to follow them for that reason. But those are very different ways of thinking, so I don’t think they should be gathered under the common umbrella of antitheism.

  • Cal Houston says:

    Who else skipped the introduction by Mr. Bean?

  • John Wade says:

    Seems he puts together a compelling argument against organised religion, which is in many ways no more than a way of suckering the proles into acting as their own 24/7 thought police. But he doesn’t touch on God.

  • John M says:

    Without a God or a higher power, who gets to decide what is right and wrong.

  • PRHILL9696 says:

    We need more like Hitch. These days atheists are way too nice toward the religious people they debate and frankly religious people do not deserve our respect. They live in the dark ages and try to convince people into the ways of delusion and evil occult fairy tales and evil thinking and behavior and that kind of thinking does not deserve respect and kindness

  • Joseph Stefurak says:

    Christopher Hitchens – The moral necessity of atheism (2004) — The real reason that so many people become atheists is because the lack experience ! When one meets God face to face then it is impossible not to believe in God ! ! ! Best Wishes — Joseph Stefurak

  • Andre Meerse says:

    I thought that only religious men could be a part of a herd, I am mistaken, after reading the comments section I have found that even these atheists are a mere herd.
    “”Whither is God?” he cried; “I will tell you. We have killed him — you and I. All of us are his murderers.
    God is dead, but now that he is dead, what does this mean for us?

  • Colin Campbell says:

    59:51 “the laws of gravity don’t apply to you after you’re dead.”

    Well that’s just not true.

  • Hubert Fitts says:

    The existence of morals requires the free will to obey or disobey in following the command not to eat of the forbidden fruit of good and evil. This is just what the Bible states and thus now we have the option of being an atheist or theist with the grace to be able to change. PTL
    Atheists really have nothing to which to appeal as to the existence of morals other than it is obvious they humans do have a moral nature while animals do not.

  • Vin Secular says:

    Of the eternal silence; truths that wakes, to perish never. Rest dearly, Giant of Intellectual Discourse.

    We will miss you . . . Forever & Always !!!

    With a glass of Johnny Walker Black . . . Cheers. Mr Hitch !!!

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