I Studied Evolution, It Isn’t Real – Atheist Experience

I Studied Evolution, It Isn’t Real – Atheist Experience
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This clip was taken from the episode that aired September 11, 2016:


  • Zack Hall says:

    I can’t fuckin stand this Arab retard.

  • Undisciplined Intellectual says:

    These guys are way off, my mom was a fucking T-Rex!

  • Nahtanoj Enotsylb says:

    Australians should know more about animals

  • Azza Nine says:

    This right here, is why ya don’t drop out before year 9, what a fucking drop kick.

    Platypus is a fucking reptile infucking deed… it’s a bloody feline too, i mean why else would they call it a platyPUSS.

    No, you learn in bloody year 7 possibly in primary school that it’s a monotream. Not reptile and not avian it’s a whole other phylum.
    Teachers usually go to great lengths to state they are mammals.

  • MrKennyBones says:

    I gotta say, being an atheist myself, these guys do a piss poor job of explaining what evolution is.

    So many people think evolution is that a creature turns into another creature. Which is absurd. Evolution by natural selection describe how POPULATIONS of individuals change millions of generations. Not the individuals themselves.

  • Josh M says:

    When the caller called a platypus a reptile, the look on Dons face killed me ?

  • Eric van Bezooijen says:

    25+ years ago, you would have to schlep yourself to a library and look this up. Now all you do is type in platypus in google. First hit is Wikipedia. It gives you the entire classification. It’s not a reptile and it’s not a bird.

    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Monotremata
    Family: Ornithorhynchidae
    Genus: Ornithorhynchus
    Blumenbach, 1800
    Species: O. anatinus

    A nutless monkey could do this, why can’t the caller?

  • Roedy Green says:

    Evolution has nothing to do with the formation of the earth. Evolution is about how populations of animals change generation by generation.

    How did science measure the age of the earth? The main way is through radioactive decay. Each isotope decays at a known exponential rate. If you measure the proportion of a isotope that has decayed, you can compute how long it has been decaying. This is ia great oversimplification. Don’t be a nit wit and dismiss it before you properly understand how it works. Carbon 14 decays so quickly, it is only good for measuring things younger than 50,000 years.

    There are dozens of other ways you can use to prove the earth is older than 6000 years, such as counting sediment layers, ice cores, tree rings. and counting volcano ash layers.

  • Roedy Green says:

    You claim to have researched evolution, but you have not. You don’t know even the most basic facts. You might have been digging around creationist sites who don’t know the first thing about it. Someone who knew nothing of biology taught you that platypuses were reptiles and birds — like a creationist.

  • rf b says:

    The platypus is a monotreme. This is a group composed of three surviving species – two echidnas and the platypus. They are classified as one of the three major divisions of mammals. Placentals, marsupials, and monotremes. All mammals have fur/hair (most cetaceans, pinnipeds, and some ground dwelling mammals (naked mole rats) lose most or all of their fur just before or right after birth), produce milk, and are endothermic (warm-blooded). Placental and marsupial mammals have live-birth while the three monotremes lay eggs. The platypus does not have a ‘duckbill.’ Its proboscis is fleshy and used to sense invertebrates in the mud for food. The male has spurs on its hind legs which produce toxin. The young are fed on milk that is exuded from a bare patch of skin on the ventral surface – the platypus does not have nipples.

  • Fruityloop The First says:

    The hosts of the show are wrong. Children resemble their parents because they are a new combination of pre-existing genes. Therefore, there are no new genes or information and therefore there is no evolution.

  • Karla Jordan says:

    His belief system is based on the idea that a platypus is a mammal, bird and reptile (incorrectly). I feel like crying.

  • Customwinder 1 says:

    Not all Australians are this stupid.

  • Patrick Kilduff says:

    If you can’t understand something….why would you deny it with such vigor? I don’t get how a lot of complex math works….but I don’t say, ‘yeah right….trigonometry is just a theory…it’s not real…’. Being ignorant is only bad when you pretend you understand something but just deny it’s existence. If you are ignorant about something, it’s OK….

  • Patrick Kilduff says:

    It’s funny how he brought up the platypus since it’s genome revealed so much info on mammalian evolution. I mean…we are talking about a mammal that lays eggs for fucks sakes….how does that not tip you off from a simpletons stand point?

  • Eliza Smith says:

    You didn’t study SHIT. People are STILL EVOLVING, you idiot.

  • Miklos Koncsek says:

    I can’t watch this! The absolute idiocy of the caller…

  • Craig says:

    Let me go out on a limb as say that this guy is a flat earther as well.

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