Jimmy Carr Defends Atheism On The Late Late (18 Sept 09)

Jimmy Carr Defends Atheism On The Late Late (18 Sept 09)
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”nEu07RzZgbU” title=”Jimmy Carr Defends Atheism On The Late Late (18 Sept 09)” upload_time=”2009-12-13T17:16:54.000Z” description=”After Ryan Tubridy’s pathetic interview with Richard Dawkins earlier in the program, British Comedian talks about his non belief and interest in Dawkins’ work.” duration=”PT2M40S”]
After Ryan Tubridy’s pathetic interview with Richard Dawkins earlier in the program, British Comedian talks about his non belief and interest in Dawkins’ work.

Dawkins interview can be found here


  • xamurai00 says:

    God cant be mocked. Is that a nice way to say how a flea cant hurt a tank ?

  • xamurai00 says:

    It used to be so that when you mocked religion you were edgy.. Now every sheeple is on the bandwagon as regards ”fundamentalist atheism” that its more edgy these days to say you believe in God!
    Swings and roundabouts!

  • Joker says:

    Staunch Atheism is theoretically just as extreme as Wahhabi Islam. What many Atheists don’t realise is that they’re actually Agnostic, not Atheist. Many Atheists fall into the Science vs God trap which is completely stupid. Science and God(s) can coexist

  • vazquezb2011 says:

    Jimmy Carr, effortlessly brutal…

  • Sascha Marc Stankiewicz says:

    Religion is not about believing or proving anything. It’s an instance thats older than the law. Becouse in times where you couldn’t catch the killer, law made no sense. However this doesn’t mean religion lost it’s sense. Religion reminds you to be grateful, praying focuses your mind, on what you want to do and Ideology tries its best to make you a good person. A humanbeing benefits from all these couses named, as long as your intension is to get better.
    And ignoring that is what makes Atheism, as dangerous as they believe religion to be.

  • Harvey Smith says:

    Ah, yes, but you see, the trouble with Atheists, they keep arguing about whose version of Atheism is the correct one.

  • MrDichio says:

    Thank god ?

  • Hush Whisper says:

    God is REAL. He left something for Us to find on top of Our Planet. I found it several years ago and that’s why I created my YouTube Channel. I’d like to invite anyone reading this, to come see what I found on Google Earth. I can prove to anyone on this Planet, that God is ABSOLUTELY REAL BEYOND ALL DOUBT. Please come see. This is NOT Click Bait. Several times already I’ve asked several different YouTube channels to come and try and debunk what I found, so far no one has. Please come see and help me share it with others. There’s HOPE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v67V3KtaSno

  • Cheeseatingjunlista says:

    Karl Popper – check out his thoughts on faith including fixed scientific fantasies – provides brilliant first principal refutation of humanities fear of mortality and the convoluted psuedo logic that fear generates. Like the clip loads

  • Ifan Jones says:

    And that’s why he didn’t make it in America.

  • Noomi Blumquist says:

    When you’re rich and famous youre your own god.

  • Martin Fairclough says:

    There is no god and no devle . All relivion is fals and made up.

  • Austin Bailey says:

    “Fundamental” atheists are just as arrogant and short-sighted as fundamental Christians and/or religious fanatics in general. To say that we have accrued enough knowledge as a human race to say definitively one way or another is laughable. People think we know so much, when in reality, we know nothing.

  • ForumCat says:

    “A revolution for one”  Great line.

  • Roger Sowerbutts says:

    Pity that anyone needs to defend reality and truth. Its like trying to defend that the earth is round and orbits the sun.

  • Antonio B. Padron says:

    I absolutely love this guy!

  • FAITHFAIL says:

    Everyone is born an Atheist. Religion is taught.

  • sean corbett says:

    Pat Kenny lol

  • Pechna says:

    After his tax avoidance was exposed, Jimmy understood his prayers don’t do shit.

  • crystalheart9 says:

    I went to Catholic school and many of the things the nuns would teach us I just could not believe in.  For example, anyone who is not Catholic is going to hell and yes even children.I was only in second grade and already I really questioned this in my mind and began to think this isn’t right.  Oh and you were NOT allowed to question them on anything.  Those nuns were scary!

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