Offensive T Shirts


Who Doesn’t Love To Offend?

Offensive T-Shirts:

Let’s be brutally honest with ourselves people, everyone has had a little joy at some point in their lives offending someone who deserved it. However, the older I get the more I find joy in pissing just about everyone off that finds offense in such trivial nonsense like offensive t-shirts. I never understood why cuss words were offensive, it’s just noise generated from the mouth of a human, and that noise is interpreted and processed by another human who then allows themselves to find that noise offensive. Why? Because someone taught them to be offended, someone told them to be offended…. that is just crazy to me. The word clopperdangle if programmed in your mind since childhood, could be just as offensive as the word Fuck if that’s what society determined. So why do we allow ourselves to be offended by something so petty as a word? offensive t-shirtsWhy? Because the general population is filled with cunts that Can’t Understand Normal Thinking!! Have you ever sat back, cracked a cold one, took a hit of acid and contemplated life? Or maybe sucked down a brew or two and blazed a joint? The perspective on life is amazing, assuming you don’t have a bad trip. But aside from that, it’s an interesting experience, an intense experience at times that can really open the mind and let some light in. Life’s a trip, it’s a short trip that’s successfully traveled by few. Most go about their lives like sheep in a heard, while others wonder their own path and blaze new trails. Those that don’t respond well to the crack of a whip, those who refuse the curfew’s, and the control. Those are the ones we design our offensive t-shirts for, our brothers and sisters across the world that share a similar distaste for the ways of the land, disgusted by greed and the entitlement expressed by the elite earners of the world. It’s crazy how money alone can make a weak coward a king in this world. But such is life, so let’s march forward with a boulder sized chip on our shoulders rock’n the most offensive shirts we can. Let’s distract those easily offended so we can slowly move in and make our mark (that made me want to drink Makers Mark). I promise that if you buy our shirts and support our cause we will give back in a way seldom seen. But we need to get there, you can’t help the poor if you’re one of them. Our shirts may not be the cheapest, but every dollar is being pumped back into our offensive effort to disrupt and create an ever growing online community of Angst Avengers looking to stake their claim in this world. Cheers!