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If You’re Going To Do It – Do It In Style With An Angst Bomb Shirt


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Anti Terrorist T Shirt:

Suicide is not a joke! However, suicide bombers and what they represent is a fucking joke. Our Bomb Shirt is meant to offend, disgust, and repel the people around you that were never meant to be your friends or companions. If you are here and finding humor in this then buy the damn shirt and support our cause so that we can continue to drop offensive shirt bombs on all the PC pukes out there that won’t stand for what they believe in, won’t push back, and won’t bloody their knuckles over spilt milk. Fuck the tip toeing on egg shells so you don’t offend, get loud, rock our shirts and piss the people off that deserve to have their blood pressure rocket through their chest like an RPG. Rest in peace to the brave men and women of this great country that have fell victim to the cowards that pull this crap.

Rest in piss to the cowards detonating their brain washed minds. anti terror clothingMeet your maker, and may your god blow your brains one more time for the hell of it. For the rest of us still walking this land we call earth, rock our shirts and show us some support. We promise to continue to give back by producing quality offensive t-shirts and random rants like this one.

Hell, I’ve had 6 Irish car bombs since I started writing this… how fucking fitting is that. Now my mind is blown, fried from the fermentation process I love to consume. I’m here in the bar, got an offensive Angst t-shirt on and people are visibly pissed! Could it be the shirt? Or could it be the fact that I’m so damn fat and handsome that these PC cunts wish they were me? Drunk, typing shit, offending, and having the time of my life…. because I can.

Well, here’s to us… here’s to me and whomever may take the time to read this… I cheers you, may your life be the Bomb, may you get blown (or eat’n), may you blow lines, may you drop whatever fist bomb you gotta drop on the heads of those that deserve it… yeah, here’s to you, here’s to our Anti Terrorist T Shirt. Cheers!

~ Angus ~