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This shirt would make  Hunter S. Thompson Proud!


LSD T Shirt
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LSD Shirt:

Pack up your LSD T Shirt buddy, we go’n on a trip! I can still remember the first time I dropped CID as a KID. If I would have had a shirt like this I would have worn it for the journey. What an awesome experience that was, life was good, worry free, and we had nothing to do that summer night but experiment with LSD.

We put together some trip kits that included and handful of joints, a six pack of MGD (that’s the only beer we could steal from my buddies dad at the time), some cigs (Parliaments) , glow sticks, flashlights, hologram sports cards (Sportsflicks), a VHS version of Alice In Wonderland…. and some gum.

Man, not a bad trip kit for a couple of newbie trippers. I remember my stomach was turning a little, I had the butterflies and rightfully so… I had been obsessed with tripping on LSD for the majority of that year.lsd Psychadelic Tee Shirts and Clothing I was reading Aldous HuxleysThe Doors of Perception” at the time where he documented his experience on mescaline. I was also heavily into The Doors who had named their band after that book. It was a weird time in my life, I was really consumed by drug use but not in an abusive way.. I was super experimental and inquisitive.

We dropped some time after dinner which neither of us could really eat, wrapped that up and disappeared into his basement where his parents rarely traveled. There was a sliding glass door there, some patio furniture and a path that led to the elementary school behind it. We dropped our first hit of LSD just as the sun was setting, we weren’t sure how long to keep the blotter paper on our tongues for so we just ate them. It took a bit to kick in, part of me kept wondering if I was feeling it yet or if it was just the anxious feeling inside.

We threw on Alice In Wonderland and started the night with that. I believe we reached about the half way point before shit started really kicking in. I realized at that time that the people behind that movie had definitely produced it with the intentions that it should be viewed under the influence of some great psychedelics. At about the half way point it became too much to sit in front of a trip-tified movie…. I needed to get out doors, breathe the air, and roam through the shadows of the moon.

We grabbed our trip kits and the 6 pack of MGD and headed to the soccer field at the elementary school. The school was literally a 1 minute walk away. In the rural part of Washington State where this took place, the forests were dense, the weather was mild with soft winds…. it was the perfect night to connect with the earth. We roamed out onto the soccer field and gazed at the cloud cover that was passing through the moon light…. so many shapes, designs, and just tripped out thoughts were going on. We were pretty close to peaking and decided to split another hit and take a half tab each. That took me on the ride I had been looking for. Not so far gone that I was out of control or a danger to myself or others…. but far enough gone that I would trip, get totally lost in the moment and regain awareness after 15-20 intervals (I’m guessing since I had no real sense of time).

lsd shirts - acid blotter sheetThat half hit kicked in and everything clicked, I was one with the earth I roamed, spoke to the skies, and couldn’t stop smoking weed and cigs. Smoke after smoke, joint after joint… it was like I had become immune to all other substances…. but oh, they tasted great and enhanced the moment. I recall flicking my burning cigs through the air and watching the tracers of light float through the skies and skip across the ground. Long after the cig had landed and burned out, the red trace of light would remain in the sky outlining the path in which it flew from my finger tips. What a memory.

I’ll never forget that night, we killed the beers and if we had 12 more we would have ran through that as well. We had glow stick throwing contests, roamed the forrest and the streets without a care in the world. I haven’t dropped a hit of CID for many years, but writing this page out just made my stomach relive that anxious moment before dropping. Hell, maybe there will be a time in the near future that I score a sheet and check out for a weekend. Life’s a trip, might as well trip with it…. and if you’re gonna take that ride to the other side…. be sure to pack yourself an Angst Apparel LSD T-Shirt.


Cheers Folks!

~ Angus ~