Anti Monsanto T Shirt


anti monsanto shirts

No More GMO’s – No More Poisoning The Food Supply!



Anti Monsanto T Shirt

The Poisoning Of The Mind

anti monsanto shirts

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anti-monsanto shirt anti monsanto t-shirt no more monsanto

Well, I don’t even know where to start. These idiots have gone and fucked up the food supply in the name of money. Not a fan of them, and this won’t be the last anti-monsanto t-shirt we release. Our custom t-shirt designers are working around the clock to make sure these shirts reach the masses. Hell, I hope these shirts end up on the backs of their children., their wives, their friends, and business partners. What they have done to some of the smaller farming communities in this country is atrocious! These poor farmers are being put out of business for not cooperating with them, for not using their seeds, and not wanting to pay their fees. This is bullying at it’s finest. We the people of this country need to support our local farmers and learn ourselves how to grow and manage basic needs in our backyards. The more we can become independent and separate ourselves from these pukes, the better life will be. We need more local farmers farming produce for our communities and fewer corporate entities shoveling GMO heavy foods on our plates for the love of money.  If everyone that lands on Angst Apparel took note, and took action we could make some noise and these ass holes would have to pay attention. This includes the corporate scum bag calling shots at Monsanto, and the politicians that have allowed their morals to be bought out for some quick cash. We won’t see change until we make some noise. So let’s band together and sell this shirt out. Let’s rock this shirt across the country so that everyone and they mamma takes note of us. Until that day, I shall raise a brew in the name of organic food. Cheers!


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