The Atheist Symbol


Color: Black

The Atheist Symbol T-Shirt



Atheist Symbol

Color: Black

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You ungodly heathens, why the hell are you here? Well, hopefully to buy one of our t-shirts. As much as we like to offend using emotional trigger points to get reactions from people… this shirt might be one of our least offensive efforts to date. I mean, if you were at work rock’n this tee would bible-thump’n Tom get upset by it? I doubt it. It’s not a blatant, in your face nod to atheism. A shirt that said “Your God Does Not Exist” would probably cause some Angst amongst your Christian Brethren, family, co-workers, and anyone else you associate with on a regular occasion. If I am ever forced to attend a baptism of a family member, I will print that shirt for that occasion and rock it hard in a crowd a Jeezo Freaks! The reality is that I don’t care what you believe, you can rock a Christ shirt just as hard as you rock an atheist shirt and if you’re a cool person.. then you’re cool in my book. Just no preach’n! Belief systems amaze me, they are so powerful. They can convince people to believe in something they have never seen or experienced. Isn’t that crazy? I got friends that claim Catholicism, and can’t digest the idea that they are only Catholic because their parents were. Just like the kid born jewish, or muslim, or atheist, or agnostic is only that because their parents were. Come adulthood, every grown up should take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves “why do I believe in this” and if the answer isn’t deep, and filled with knowledge then you should investigate your beliefs further. Know your books, know your gods, know your godlessness. Don’t follow the crowd just because that’s what the people in your life have done. Think! How was that for “no preach’n”. Ha! Hope to see more folks rock’n this atheist t-shirt out and about. Remember to submit pictures of you and your’s out in the world rock’n our gear and we will feature you on social media.



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