PUTA Shirt


Color: Red

The Angst Apparel Puta T-Shirt



This One’s For The Bitch In Your Life – Even If That’s You!

Color: White

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What’s up bitches! This is for all of you, man or woman. I know plenty of people that just can’t help being a bitch. Sometimes it’s that bitchy attitude, that nagging, nasty, negative attitude of a real bitch. Then there are some buddies I got and they can’t help being bitches when it’s time to sack up. When the shots get poured and their tummies hurt, when the 12 o’clock hour rolls around they get sleepy, when confrontation presents itself and they would rather cower to it then rise to the occasion. I know too many people that talk about their jobs and how much they hate working 40 hours a week for the man, yet they too much of a bitch to do anything about it but complain. Hell, I bitch. I bitch about stuff every time I walk in my front door. My girl calls me out on it too. Stop being a little bitch she says, I laugh, digest it, and if she’s right in that assessment then I’ll own up to acting like a little bitch. So this shirts for everyone out there that’s got a bitch, that is the bitch, that act’s like a bitch, cries like a bitch, bitches, or rocks a resting bitch face. That’s the kind of face we like to backhand around here, so don’t show up to the warehouse asking about your order with RBF or you can expect that one of our fine custom t-shirt designers might catch you with a backhand. On that note, go on and pick yourself up an Angst Apparel custom PUTA t-shirt for you and your lady. Rock it in church, wear it to school, buy one for your mom… I don’t care, just buy one. Please submit photos of you guys wearing your shirts in public and we will add you to our social posts. Until then, cheers!



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