Sam Harris. Why Atheists Win Arguments.

Sam Harris. Why Atheists Win Arguments.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”-ga4JvEMiXw” title=”Sam Harris. Why Atheists Win Arguments.” upload_time=”2014-12-08T15:21:25.000Z” description=”Sam Harris on ridiculous arguments offered by religious people, and why atheists always win.” duration=”PT3M31S”]
Sam Harris on ridiculous arguments offered by religious people, and why atheists always win.


  • Jesse Bryant says:

    Atheists don’t have good arguments! And if atheism is true, then folks can believe, say, and do whatever they like — as there isn’t anything objectively wrong with anything, and thus no standard of goodness by which to judge acts and call them evil, wrong, immoral, bad, or sinful! And even worse, atheism is not only at odds with the “conscience” of atheists, but is also at odds with science… As for Harris’ first appeal to supposed “dead god’s” and other nonsense that atheists have made up — it simply doens’t matter if those things exist or not!! Such silliness!! _Think you can win these arguments? Then bring it! And I will check back in about a week (Nov. 1) and see what you atheists have to offer!_

  • viasevenvai says:

    It’s a loaded statement to say, “No one wants bad things.”  The use of “bad” is relative to the quality.  Therefore anything one believes is necessarily good.  Once it’s pointed out as bad it’s rejected.  That’s the definition.  I would rephrase the statement as, “No one wants to believe false things.”  Then we can have a discussion on what is false/true and the method to reach those conclusions.  An analogy is like someone saying, “I like good food.”  No shit, it’s good because you like it, not because it’s just plain good.  You wouldn’t say you like bad food, because that would mean it’s good.  Or, “I like up because it’s down.”

  • CauseAndEffect says:

    The Las Vegas murderer actualized pure atheism – no religious nonsense of living to honor God got in his way.
    All criminals are atheists and effective atheists.
    Effective atheists claim to believe while they think and act as atheists – completely detached from God.

  • CauseAndEffect says:

    Science is nothing more than reasonable methods for dealing with physical things. Opinions about physical and nonphysical things (faith, reason, logic) are not facts about physical things.
    Atheists are idiots about science and nonphysical things.

  • Cleo Fierro says:

    Why Atheists always lose arguments- pathologically ranting against ‘Nothing’ makes you a loser, by definition.

  • jollyscarecrow says:

    There’s a very simple answer to why they win. Because the person making the claim (religious person saying there is a god) will never be able to prove that claim. Atheists simply do not believe there is a god because there is no proof. To win ANY argument you have to be able to present facts/proof/stats/REALITY and not shit based on feelings/faith. Facts trump feelings every time. Which is why Sam Harris fails on politics.

  • Michael Ludovici says:

    Ok, @ 1:30 – “At the risk of boring all of you…” Too late…

  • Textra1 says:

    “Why Atheists win arguments”
    Because we’re right.

  • Tim Hallas says:

    I always said, “Everyone with even a moderate amount of intelligence can see the truth in atheism”. The issue is not that so many don’t see this truth, it is that very many are afraid to let go of their beliefs, because humans are inherently superstitious animals.. Even atheists are superstitious about many things, just not gods. What we are witnessing is basic human psychology… It is not a mystery to me, that when someone doesn’t understand how something works, they will take whatever explanation bothers them the least or comforts them the most. Atheists tend to be the people who don’t mind as much the uncomfortable answer, as long as it fits with their perception of reality. The simple fact is, there are far more atheists than there appears to be. It’s just that most of them are reluctant to admit it while surrounded by believers, with whom they necessarily have to have a relationship. The interesting thing is, because of the impression we all have that most Christians are kind hearted people, we are willing to forgive them for being wrong about the premise of their beliefs.. We atheists are caught up in the compassion for those fellow humans who cannot deal with life on reality’s terms….and so we accept them on their terms. The persistence of memory. Humans have been dependent on beliefs and tied to our superstitions for thousands of years. Atheism is a new and radical concept to 90% of them. With a little patience and persistence, reason will eventually take the place of superstition. But bear in mind, the human experience is one of turmoil and uncertainty. This is a breeding ground for superstition and the need for a comforting force of nature…and when one is not forthcoming, we will imagine one and accept it as substitute. This is why the Christian god must exist always in the future. We await the return of our savior, because the alternative of there being none, is unthinkable to a frightened mind. In the deepest possible sense, God is a ray of hope for those who see no hope that humanity will ever see peace on it’s own. The biggest problem lies in the fact that without the god that we wish for,, we fall back on our superstitions and false gods of our ancestors. We essentially trap ourselves in our own past, from lack of a proper vision of a future. If believers would just put as much faith in people as they put in gods, we would all see a better future….wouldn’t we. Consider this, at least 75% of human beings, do trade their cow for magic beans on a regular basis, because their imagination is so much better than reality, that they are willing to ignore the fact that Jack trespassed on private property, stole the golden goose and murdered it’s owner.

  • Charlymaumushi says:

    Where do you get your morals from?
    We are not monkeys.
    Better to believe and be right than to not believe and burn in hell.
    Keep Christ in Christmas.
    Jesus loves everyone.

    So tired of these….

  • Yougetagoldstar says:

    Does Sam Harris’s argument comfort someone who has been betrayed by someone they trust? Does his argument bring peace on Earth? Does his argument stop people from dying? Does his argument prove how he was born with a fully-functioning body? Does his argument prove that there is no afterlife? No, no, no, no, and no. So… how exactly does this help the human race?

  • Tom In Space says:

    how would he know? he never wins debates himself, he just smugly calls bullshit on everything in that broad, sweeping naysayer’s way, even if he has no knowledge of the subject and walks away fixed in his snooty exaggerated skepticism.

  • legion1a says:

    The God of the Bible and the Qur’an has been disproven at its very foundation!
    We do have the scientific proof!
    Evidence beyond any question, that the God of “Creation” does not exist!
    Evolution disproves “Creation”!
    Any myths that come after that are just pure nonsense, they are all based on a disproven God!
    Religion is like an enormous house built with no foundation!
    The God simply does not exist, interesting stories, but that is all they are!
    There were no talking snakes, or any prophets splitting the Moon into two pieces with his sword!
    Religious people are such accomplished liars that some Muslims actually claimed the the American Astronauts found proof of a split in the Moon when they went to the Moon! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
    Jesus was executed as a criminal, and after a perfectly legal trial (for the time)!
    A sacrifice requires an alter and a ceremony, criminal executions are just not sacrifices!
    The Christian religion is just a human sacrifice cult, that has an ancient Roman torture devise as their logo!
    WOW! Just WOW!
    To worship a convicted criminal who is allegedly the bastard son of a God (Mary never married God) that has been disproven is just pure delusion!
    As Mary said to Jacob: “Honest Jake, I didn’t cheat on you and become pregnant, God made me pregnant!”
    Then Jacob replied (in his Gomer Pyle voice): “Yep yep, that sounds like something that God would do! You’re a good woman who would never cheat on me with a human being!”
    Try this one in a bar sometime. Say this to a beautiful woman that you don’t know: “Hi, I’m God! I need to make your pregnant tonight!”
    That worked for some anonymous goat herder, so it just might work for you!
    Also, to void a good beating, any teenage girls who are pregnant can try telling their fathers that it was his God who made them pregnant!
    I’m sure that 13 year old Mary’s father believed that one! (He knew that God does like them young!)

  • thinkathigherlevel says:

    Sam says, “no one wants to believe on the basis of bad evidence,” yet isn’t this actually the case when you believe in abiogenesis–that somehow, with no scientific evidence whatsoever, a living cell sprang up out of some chemical soup? Really, where is the science behind this essential tenet of atheism? Isn’t it more dogma than science?

  • uhadme says:

    simple. it doesn’t matter what the bible says. it only matters what you think it says or what you’ve heard it says.. atheists are HILARIOUS. any ‘atheist’ ever deny love exists? the bible says “GOD is love” 1 John 4:8. good luck proving love does or doesn’t exist.

  • BIG BOSS says:

    Why spend time arguing about stuff you don’t believe in?? Can an atheist answer my question?

  • Long Live The Queen says:

    Fuck islam piece of shit paedophile religion that justifies mohammed who married a child i wish i could shit on the cunts grave.


    Man made religion and religion made god.

  • Beka Najm says:

    Athiests always win because they had to debate with themselves for years before becoming an athiest.

  • Mybrid Wonderful says:

    Because those making the claim have to offer the proof. Religious people make the claim and then require atheists to disprove. As long as apologists are this flawed in their intelligence atheists will always win before the arguments even begin. How, the Universe came to be, I don’t know. There very well could be something supernatural. One thing I’m 100% certain of is that no religion on Earth has every come even a smidgen close to describing whatever it is that may have created this universe and all religions are bunk.

  • Judas Iscariot says:

    Sam is a great speaker and I respect a lot of what he says but he’s off on this one. The fact that theists parrot the same arguments that have been debunked a million times has nothing to do with what nonbelievers label themselves. It has to do with the fact that the majority of theists just aren’t very bright.

    Besides, we’re atheists because we fit the definition of the term. You can choose to call yourself whatever you want, I guess, but if you don’t believe in gods you’re an atheist — even if you don’t like the term.

  • Opinionated Bastard says:

    I have done this before someone would ask me do you believe in God and I Wood state no I do not they reply why not I give my reasons using words like logic and reason and evidence after that what they say is so you’re basically an atheist what do we respond to that I responded with the well technically but I don’t like to put myself in any bubble so basically what I’m trying to say is no matter what if they want to use the label atheist a negative manner as to equate us Hitler because A large number of People believe he was an atheist they will just simply stick that label on us and point out the fact that we are being dishonest because we do not want to be admit that that atheism leads to bad stuff like genocide but if we come out and are honest and say yes I am atheist and when they bring up Hitler we can show evidence that he was not an atheist but if we try to avoid the word atheist anyone who is watching or listening can justify saying were wrong because it looks like we are trying to pull the wool over their eyes and how does that help our argument

  • Yahya D says:

    Never had an Atheist win an argument against me?

  • Infertile Piggy says:

    im not an atheist or a theist or an agnostic, if you think it’s that easy either way you’re cheating yourself, you are god, you are nature, people just misinterpret god for a man in the sky

  • Jarrod says:

    “Nobody want’s to believe things on bad evidence”. My last argument about god with my mother went something like “Don’t you want to live forever?” (JW Faith), to which I reply, How much I want it doesn’t make it true. She can only see the carrot. But I don’t necessarily believe her to be reasonable.

  • DemstarAus says:

    Oh no Sam! Pastafarianism is the religious equivalent to The Onion News… it’s satire.

  • Dan C. says:

    The reason the argument of atheists being the most prolific butchers in the 20th century works so well is that that is the only time in history that atheists have had governing power. The only other institution that could give the ‘atheist in power’ a run for his money in killing, is the Papacy. And it’s noteworthy to notice that they butchered their own in peace time, not war time. The French Revolution was the purest example of atheism in all its logic, freedom and reason. It was a disaster socially and politically. It’s no wonder that out of over 200 nations world wide, only 8 have atheists in the leading political position of President/prime minister.

  • Spencer Ciuffo says:

    Atheist get angry when we try to explain a power higher than themselves.

  • Jesse Bryant says:

    What Sammy doesn’t seem to understand is that ultimately it simply doesn’t matter if atheism is true! _Duh!_ He isn’t following his own faith to the rational conclusion! No, he just keeps bilking his fellow atheists for the money! And the minions mindlessly and merrily continue to contribute because of subconsciously suppressed personal preferences which are in a sense — rational reasons — despite the reality that even the relativist experiences and we can all relate to — which involves the conscience! (See Romans 2:14-15; John 3:19-20)

  • bigdap100 says:

    I’m a Free Thinker, a deep thinker, and I believe in God.
    Atheists are narrow minded sheep.
    They worship science when they are not even competent in the science that they point to as evidence…
    They are double minded and arrogant like genuine nerds.
    And they have a shitty world view.

  • Mel Dobra says:

    1 second ago
    Mel Dobra
    1 second ago
    If the proponents of evolution believe that it was evolution alone that brought our world into existence and all living species on it and the creator had no part in, Then all the aberration and difficulties that we encounter on this earth can only be the fault of a random chance of mutation spinning of in its wrong course of direction since evolutionist proposes that how it all came into existence . God can not take any blame what so ever since He does not exist or had any part in the formulation of the cosmos. How then Can Richard Dawkins the late Christopher Hitchens or Strauss point the finger at any religious people and their mistakes if they have been directed by a God that is the only figment of their imagination?Their circle argument is a lot of nonsense since they maintain God is only an allusion of the mind. These Guru”s I am afraid to have lead millions up the garden path and I don’t think they know what they on about. Boris Dobra.

  • Jesse Bryant says:

    Knock-down argument against atheism? Do the atheists have a knock-down argument against theism? What it the most compelling argument against theism? _Anyone? Anyone?? Anyone???_

  • Dewy Wannamaker says:

    What if two atheists argue? Oh, right; Chomsky wins.

  • Daygo Sunny says:

    Well of course you can’t win an argument with an atheist, they are the least open minded people on the planet. They literally never think they are wrong. You can’t win an agrument or debate with anyone about anything, who never thinks they are wrong, or someone who thinks they have all the answers. When a person is so convinced that what they think is correct, or what they have learned is undeniable fact, then you can’t convince them other wise.

  • Barry Newton says:

    John 3:16-19

    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil.

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