The Real Cost Of Religious Faith – Atheist Experience 696

The Real Cost Of Religious Faith – Atheist Experience 696
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”DAuFJKQh83Y” title=”The Real Cost Of Religious Faith – Atheist Experience 696″ upload_time=”2011-02-16T16:39:50.000Z” description=”Mark calls in to let the hosts know they are going to burn in hell. Jeff and Matt throw him for a loop that he was not expecting. He was not at all prepared” duration=”PT15M1S”]
Mark calls in to let the hosts know they are going to burn in hell. Jeff and Matt throw him for a loop that he was not expecting. He was not at all prepared to adequately respond to some of the most eloquently spoken words I have ever heard on the show.

Matt has a few epic rants in this clip that you don’t want to miss. The best of which(IMO) starts at about 11:00 and continues to the end.

Jeff Dee joins Matt Dillahunty to host this clip from The Atheist Experience #696 –

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Ending Comments/Audio – George Carlin from “You Are All Diseased”


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  • chuckyz2 says:

    Hello Village idiot,
    I just watch this video and it is the first time I have seen any of your vids.
    First let me say, I am a Christian. But not a mainstream hell preaching Christian. I actually debate preachers of many denominations as well as atheists. Why I am even taking the time to reply to this video, lol knowing I would never be able to convince you that God is real…is that my experience with religion was very similar to yours. I came to a different conclusion than you did but had the same consequences and joys from my experience.

    Freedom from hell for loved ones being one and the rejection of many because of my new found factual evidence. Both in science and in scripture. My new new knowledge has lead to many discussions and debates, most heated by the other party. I have also come to understand intelligent rational atheists because of the absurd theology of a loving God sending those He formed in the womb to an eternal punishment. No, I’m not a universalists, calvanist or JW. I belong to no sect or denomination. I do wholeheartedly believe in God/Jesus and almost every word of the Bible. So without getting into a long explanation of my theology, based on what the Bible actually factually says when properly defined and from scientific evidence….I would love to have a discussion with you.

    Be warned, it is not my intention to save you. Lol I know all peoples are saved. I do not need faith, as faith is defined by most, but rather have faith that is given by God that reveals to some… the truth. You see…I can’t win or lose a debate or discussion with you or anyone else. How you react, if you except or deny, is not important. Sharing is. For the same reason you are compelled too share your views, I am compelled to share mine. I am sure of one thing, if you give me some time you will be glad you did. Rather you come to believe in God, see the actual truths simply written and therefore can give a true judgment on the Bible, or use it as a tool against those that preach a Satan God that unjustly punishes the people He made for eternity….it is all fine and well with me. Personal message me if you are interested. : )

  • GhostRavenFIN says:

    Jeff is on the show
    The caller brings up the guys going to hell

    Popcorn time

  • Mark Crowther-Smith says:

    Where there is evidence, no one speaks of “faith.” We do not speak of faith that two and two are four or that the earth is round. We only speak of faith when we wish to substitute emotion for evidence. Bertrand Russell

  • Liam O'Connor says:

    “Deez nuts.”

  • Samdee2017 Sam says:

    why you are not muslim?

  • Erato IsYourMuse says:

    Fundy Christians are hateful assholes.

  • Sam III says:

    Best summary argument ever. Way to go guys.

  • Irun Mon says:

    This guy fucks!! he’s really good, I wish I could bring him to debate.

  • R B says:

    I’ve watched this clip several times, posted under different accounts, and I find Matt’s, and Jeff’s response so on the spot. Mark is a douche, and can’t see past his bible, which is unfortunate, but how Matt explains to him the damage done by his way of thinking is awesome. It’s helped me to see what the future most likely holds for me once I tell my family I’m done with religion. Thanks, Matt and Jeff.

  • Ben Gordon says:

    Same guy that called in and talked about going around raping people.

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