Theist Caller Can’t Get Past Theism – The Atheist Experience

Theist Caller Can’t Get Past Theism – The Atheist Experience
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”4r7vZBm1T4E” title=”Theist Caller Can’t Get Past Theism – The Atheist Experience” upload_time=”2016-07-14T23:31:47.000Z” description=”Thanks for watching! This clip was taken from the show that aired July 10, 2016: ” duration=”PT14M17S”]
Thanks for watching!

This clip was taken from the show that aired July 10, 2016:


  • DLKnightstick1989 says:

    I love this show, but what is everyone’s obsession with Tracie? She looks like a troll with a little bit of make up on. That’s it… Do you guys just have really low standards for an attractive female or what?

  • Bob Owen says:

    I dig Tracie. Yep. Now it’s out there. Fun to look at her and listen to her. Damn my eyes!

  • Noly Rson says:

    Hmmmm Tracie

  • Mike Oxbig says:

    Tracie has nice tits.

  • Franz Joseph Liszt says:

    Tracie is gorgeous and her superlative intellect is the icing on the cake

  • Martyntd5 says:

    So many religious people do this and it’s very dishonest. They try to force their reality on you by confining you with their definitions. They will always try to define an atheist as someone who believes that god does not exist, because that is the only definition of atheist that allows them to ditch the burden of proof and rationalise their world view as reasonable by comparison.

    But here’s the thing, even if they were right and all atheists believe in no god just like theists believe there is a god, two stupids dont make a sensible.

  • Jagadis Ray says:

    Why do I have to listen to this stupid and and extremely inane idiots . So I stopped not looking in any comments .

  • Ganesh' s stepbrother 7193 says:

    Ronny has always been a special kind of guy.

  • bikebudha01 says:

    finally, a blouse cut low enough… dam she is hot…  how is she still single?  (if she’s not, she should put on a ring so the rest of us don’t get our hopes up…)

  • R Paisley says:

    I refuse to believe in a supernatural invisible creature without a stitch of evidence to support the claim, just like I refuse to believe in leprechauns and fairies

  • Tom Haupt says:

    Ron the obstructionist idiot

  • Mickey McDowell says:

    …anyone else think Tracie is kind of hot? lol love it when she wears those glasses hehe

  • YouTube Account Administrator says:

    Tracy’s…shirt is absolutely beautiful

  • Chris Thompson says:

    Woah…Tracie has an impressive brain, always knew that. I’m impressed by some other things here though…

  • You T says:

    We should surely have reached that stage, by now, that we can refute any deity by claiming that none do exist? Surely their continued absences leave them with even a burden to dispute THAT assertion?

  • JRoenick says:

    I really like Matt. However, I hate the fact that he frequently interrupting some callers, yet he hates it when callers interrupt when Matt is talking. Not a big fan of that double standard, but keep up the good work.

  • leglessinoz says:

    The term “atheist” was used specifically by the Romans to describe people who believed in a god other than the pagan Roman gods. Its usage had changed.

  • Joseph Marton says:

    when a person’s belief is violated, they become so angry that they resort to violence. so its not god that they believe in its a belief they hold onto like santa !!! the Christian becomes so angry when god is disproved that they want to strike you , kill you , hurt you …is this not violating their 10 commandments ?? oh they can kill you in the name of god…I forgot! that’s not violating their 10 commandments. is it not a sin to kill or hurt for any reason ? still its what they resort to, anger , ” be slow to anger” , yet they did not read their own bible they preach. how can they become angry of defensive ? turn the other cheek !!

  • Joseph Marton says:

    okay I ‘m outta here…this guy is soooo annoying. truly a Christian defending their belief not god’s existence. their anger, and all attitude is against what the bible teaches !!! they violate their own belief….?! too funny but so obviously true.

  • Frank289100 says:


  • iUseVegas says:

    this dude has to be a fucking troll

  • Club Tropícana says:

    I have symphony for those who cling onto religion/new age or whatever it may be. Death is utterly awful, I don’t want to die and although I know we have no reason to believe in anything like this I understand why people feel the need to latch onto an immortality pill.

  • Aidan Southwick says:

    What a dumbass a theist that doesn’t know what theism is.????

  • Roger Sowerbutts says:

    A time traveller….excellent.

  • Wittgensteinism says:

    Matt can be such a moron at times.
    He says over and over that he doesnt care about definitions and that its a waste of time to argue over definitions, but then spends literally all of his time doing just that.
    If you’re “just interested in talking about the concepts”, then accept his usage of “theism” and move on.
    Matt ruins so many conversations by interrupting and not letting the caller get past their first few sentences, and being way overly pedantic about shit (even though he’s sometimes wrong about the technical details, which makes it all the more irritating).
    Matt needs to learn how to apply the principle of charity, which would probably help the majority of the conversations i hear him derail

  • Scott B says:

    I came here as an atheist but when I saw Tracy’s cleavage, oh my God

  • Jukebox says:

    ron is an idiot.

  • Hector Defendi says:

    Ron not smart, He no understand… *words* . lol

  • Random Bot says:

    Tracie i love you

  • adpalmer83 says:

    Poor Ron. He’s trying so hard, but he just seems to be too dumb to discuss these topics. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more extreme case of Dunning-Kruger.

  • OverlordShamala says:

    Seems the caller was trying to constructing something of an ad hoc argument, playing a twisted game of word salad.

  • paul morgan says:

    ron could start  an argument in a telephone box

  • Piano man says:

    argh I’ve just gnawed my leg off.

  • koosmangat says:

    Thumbs up if you clicked becos of Tracie..

  • pleasebringmeback says:

    dear ron.

    you are an ass.

  • Joseph Marton says:

    ‘Our father is getting old, and there are no men in the whole world to marry us so that we can have children. 32 Come on, let’s get our father drunk, so that we can sleep with him and have children by him’ (Genesis 19:31 – 32)

  • The Book Dragon says:

    Matt wants to talk concepts and the caller wants to discuss labels. This is a marvelous example of two dimensional thinking on the caller’s part. As far as the caller is concerned, the labels ARE the concepts. He sees no difference.

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